Kangaroo Facts

Kangaroos are found in Australia and have become one of the most loved animals around the world.

They have been depicted in cartoons as well as television and movies and are a favorite animal of children.

Interesting facts about kangaroos:

Kangaroos are a marsupial, which means they carry their young in a pouch in their bodies.

  • There are four species of kangaroos.
  • The kangaroo is the only land animal on earth that uses a hopping motion to get around. This method of travel allows them to go farther distances using less energy. This is important when they are in an area that is low on food or water.
  • The largest marsupial on the planet is the Red Kangaroo, which can grow to be as large as 2m, hop at a speed of 65 km per hour and jump as high as 3m and 7.6 m in distance.
  • Kangaroos hop on land with both hind legs together but when they are in the water they can swum moving each leg independently.



Marsupials have an early birth baby. The creature is very tiny and crawls as a blind embryo up and into the mother’s pouch. It will stay and feed in the pouch for several months before leaving to come out into the world.



Female kangaroos can not only make the selection of the gender of their babies, but, if there is a drought or lack of food, they can delay the process until they know there will be enough to allow the baby to survive.

  • Young kangaroos are called ‘joeys’ and if frightened, they will often jump headfirst into the pouch of their mother.
  • Kangaroos have developed an excellent sense of hearing, with the ability to move their ears in different directions while their heads remain stationary.
  • Kangaroos love to live in social groups and these can be as small as three or four or as many as over one hundred.



Kangaroos are the national symbol of Australia and there are more kangaroos in the country than there are human beings.

Kangaroos have very powerful legs and often use them in both play and aggressive behavior.