Giant Panda Facts

There is no doubt that we find the giant panda incredibly endearing. Looking like a big teddy bear, their actions are cute and almost everyone around the world has fallen in love with them.

Interesting facts about giant pandas:

When an environment has a good quantity of frogs it is a way to measure whether the area is not only healthy but well-balanced.

  • The giant panda is among the rarest and shyest animals in the world.
  • While we call the giant panda a ‘bear’ it is actually closer in species to the raccoon.
  • Giant pandas typically like to be alone. They eat for two-thirds of the day and then the rest of their day is spent resting.
  • It is believed that the giant panda has been misclassified as a ‘flesh eater’. It actually only eats the leaves and stems of bamboo shoots.



While giant pandas typically eat over twenty different types of bamboo, it is very low in nutrition and they have to eat 20 kg every day to get the nutrition that they need. That is why it can take a giant panda up to 16 hours in their feeding process.



Giant pandas have an extra digit on their hand. This helps to tear away at the bamboo. They have a thick layer of mucus in their gut to protect their stomachs from the bamboo splinters.

  • A giant panda spends the winter in caves or a hollow tree when it is cold. They do not hibernate.
  • Giant pandas are very endangered. One of the reasons is that they have difficulty mating and only mate once per year. They have a low birth rate and typically only give birth to one baby.

The giant panda is so loved around the world that China has shared some of their animals with zoos. This has been a great help in also expanding the population.