Crocodile Facts

Crocodiles are a reptile that are found in many areas around the world. They, like the alligator, are believed to be decedents of the dinosaurs.

Interesting crocodile facts:

Crocodiles come in a variety of sizes. The biggest is the saltwater crocodile which can be seen from Fiji to Northern Australia and India. It can get as large as 7 meters (23 feet) in length and weigh as might as 1 ton.

  • The average crocodile egg is about the size of a goose egg, no matter how large the crocodile is.
  • The dwarf crocodile is the smallest of the breed and can be found in central Africa. It grows to a maximum of 1.9 meters (6.5 feet) and is found on land more than any of the other crocodiles.



The term ‘to cry crocodile tears’ is an expression that means to show fake sadness. It is believed that the origin of the myth began when the reptiles were crying when they were eating people. There is a truth to this but it is based on physical reasons. The crocodile eyes bubble and froth when they are feeding due to air being pushed through the sinus areas. This mixes with the tear glands and ends up looking like tears.

  • Crocodile skin on the underbelly is durable and soft and is considered to be one of the best to use. In some tribes, crocodile skin is a high status symbol. The outer skin of the crocodile is covered in a bonelike material and can deflect spears, arrows or bullets.
  • Crocodile underbelly skin has such high value that it isn’t surprising to see a $15,000 price tag on a crocodile skin purse.



The value of crocodile skin has launched a lot of poaching and there are 23 species of crocodiles and crocodile relatives that are threatened.

  • The establishment of controlled crocodile farms may be the only way to save many of the species from being completely destroyed.
  • The ancient Egyptians and some tribes in New Guinea are just two of the cultures that honored the crocodile. Their religions included the belief that their gods had bodies that were similar to crocodiles.
  • Crocodiles are typically more aggressive during the monsoon season as this is also their mating season.



Crocodiles don’t chew their food. Their 24 teeth are sharp and designed to crush and grab. Instead, they swallow stones that helps to grind up the food inside their stomachs while the stones also act as ballast while they are in the water.

  • If a crocodile loses any teeth, they will always be replaced throughout their life.
  • The crocodile has incredible biting down strength but they lack any strength in opening their jaws back up. That’s the reason that a simple band can be used to hold their jaws shut.

Even though a crocodile has a dangerous looking mouth, they are also very delicate. A mother crocodile can gently remove her babies from the nest with her mouth.