Cheetah Facts

Cheetahs are a member of the big cat family and can survive in a variety of areas from grasslands to deserts and scrublands. The largest population of cheetahs today are in the Southwestern African country of Namibia.

Interesting facts about Cheetahs:

The cheetah is known for being the fastest land animal on the globe. The top speed of a cheetah is around 113 km per hour.

  • A cheetah’s body is designed for fast acceleration. In just a few seconds, they can go from 0 to 113 km. This ability is excellent for hunting prey.
  • While cheetahs may be fast, they can get tired very quickly. They only have the ability of keeping a top speed for a few minutes and then they get tired.
  • Cheetahs are a member of the big cat family, but they are actually the smallest members. The average weight of a cheetah is only from 45 to 60 kg.



Many people recognize the cheetah by its longer and more streamlined body style. A cheetah can also be recognized by looking for long black lines that are found in the inside of each eye and run down to the mouth. These are referred to as ‘tear lines’ and are believed to help protect the eyes from the harsh and bright sunlight that is found in their habit, so that they can see for great distances.

  • Most people think that when you see a big cat, you would expect to hear a roar. Cheetahs do not have the ability to roar, although they can purr loudly, especially when they are near other cheetahs or grooming.
  • Many of the big cats hunt at night, but the cheetah is a day hunter.
  • The cheetah’s eyesight is so keen that it can see potential prey that is as far as 5 km.



Some of the big cats can climb trees, however the cheetah cannot.

  • Cheetahs do not hunt or prowl at night as they have very bad night vision.
  • A cheetah’s body is very lightweight and they have claws that are blunt. Those are two disadvantages in trying to protect themselves against larger predators. When a more aggressive animal comes near a cheetah, the cheetah will abandon its prey and leave rather than get into a fight.



Cheetahs don’t require a lot of water. They can survive by drinking water only once every three or four days.