Welcome to the cool science project section. You maybe asking what's so cool about this? Well believe it or not you'll have great fun doing these projects and create some surprising results.

For instance you can make a rocked with the Coke and Mentos project (with help from adults). Can dog really understand what you are saying? Find out with the Do Dogs Understand Human Language project. If you’re feeling hungry you might want to check out the solar oven project. So all-in-all there's lots to enjoy so let’s get going!!

  • People’s Moods

    You know how you feel when the weather changes, but there has always been a question as to whether the weather really does make every feel differently and affect their mood.

  • Cold Pack

    People have been trying to keep items cold throughout history and at one time, ice was the only method. If someone didn’t have access to ice, the only preservative that they could use

  • Eye Color

    Everyone’s eyes contain a natural chemical called melanin within the iris of the eye. The more melanin that is someone’s eyes, the darker the color will be.

  • Rainforest Terrarium

    A terrarium is a miniature, self-contained and glass enclosed ecosystem. It includes everything that is needed for the plants and life to survive without any additional interference.

  • Coke and Mentos

    Ask any science teacher and they will tell you that the most popular science project has become the Diet Coke and Mentos combination.

  • Do Dogs Understand

    Anyone that is a ‘dog-person’ will swear by the fact that their dog understands what they are saying to them.

  • Gas Stations

    Everyone might be used to seeing cars pull up to a gas station to get the gas that is needed. It almost seems like magic. Pick up the pump and the gas comes out.

  • Slime Mold

    Slime mold exists all over the planet and is a name that we give to a large group of organisms that reproduce with spores. We call it ‘slime mold’ due to their slimy or gelatinous texture.

  • Miniature Salt Flats

    Salt flats are an area where a salt lake once existed but due to rapid evaporation of the water, the only thing that was left were large areas of the salt.

  • Chewing Gum

    Everyone is told of the really bad effects of chewing gum, but gum chewing has been around since the Ancient days of Greece. They would pull the bark from specific trees and chew it to sweeten their breath.

  • Nature’s Own Pesticides

    Bugs and insects are a constant nuisance in our lives. Many manufacturers have created pesticides that contain toxins and poisons to kill the bugs, but that are also harmful to humans, pets and other living creatures.

  • Men and Women

    You may have heard people talking and making statements that men and women see and remember things differently from each other.

  • Making Clouds

    We see clouds in the sky every day in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clouds move across the atmosphere of the earth with the various wind currents.

  • Self-Inflating Balloons

    We are all familiar with the requirement of blowing up a balloon but the idea of a self-inflating balloon sure sounds a whole lot easier and better.

  • Fibonacci Sequence

    In the Twelfth century, an Italian mathematician named Fibonacci (Fib-a-natchi) began examining a number of things in nature and discovered that almost everything

  • Pigments of Leaves

    The colors of the fall leaves can bring an incredible beauty to the landscape. Each tree has its own color group, making the countryside look like a painting.

  • Solar Oven

    A solar oven is the safest and most effect way to have an oven without the need for outside fuel sources. People all over the world face a daily crisis.

  • Bacteria

    Bacteria are everywhere. They are on almost every surface and we have a lot of good (and bad) bacteria that even live inside our bodies.

  • Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap was actually created by accident in 1957. Two inventors, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, were trying to create their own concept of three dimensional plastic wallpaper.

  • Paper Airplanes

    Everyone loves paper airplanes and some actually call it ‘aerogami’, named after the Japanese art of paper folding.