Human Body Facts for Kids

We hope you are enjoying using our website. In this section we have all you need to know about the human body. It's a fascinating topic and you'll learn so much, just take your time reading and we hope you have fun.

So, in this section we talk about things like the brain. There are billions of cells in the brain that send and receive information throughout the body. Did you know some people have an excessive production of ear wax? This can press hard against the eardrum and cause people to have earing problems, really!!! Ok let’s move on quickly. The average adult breathes around twelve to twenty times a minute, when resting.

  • Blood Facts

    Blood is the fluid in our bodies that maintains life and our existence. We cannot survive without blood and since our blood supports all of our bodily functions

  • Bones and Skeleton

    Our bones and skeletal structure are a main requirement for our bodies to be able to move. Without our bones, we would be more like a slug

  • Brain Facts

    The human brain is one of the most powerful organs in the body. It allows us to think, store memories

  • Breathing System

    We take our breathing system for granted because it happens without thinking. The body has a part of the brain that automatically makes us breath.

  • Digestive System

    The only time we ever think about our digestive tract is when we are hungry or if we are sick and have ‘tummy troubles’.

  • Ear Facts

    Hearing is one of the five senses and we couldn’t hear without the help of our ears. They are very complex and intricate parts of the body

  • Eye Facts

    We experience the world through sight and it is one of the five senses. Without sight, we would not be able to view a sunrise

  • Hair Facts

    Humans have all different colors and types of hair. It is believed that the texture and colors were developed over thousands of years

  • Hearing Facts

    Think of all of the wonderful things that we hear every single day. From a tea pot whistling to the birds chirping outside

  • Heart Facts

    Our heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It goes non-stop, pumping blood throughout your body and through all of the blood vessels.

  • Immune System

    The word ‘immune’ (pronounced ih-myoon) actually means to be protected. Our immune systems work in the body to fight off illness and sickness.

  • Lungs

    We pretty much don’t take any notice of our lungs. We breathe in and out every day and just assume that they will work.

  • Muscle Facts

    You might think of muscles as those in the arms and legs that allow an athlete to perform well, but we have hundreds of muscles throughout our body

  • The Nervous System

    Our nervous system could be compared to a network of electrical wiring. It is what sends signals to the body to coordinate any and all of the actions and without it we couldn’t move.

  • Nose Facts

    Our nose is an important part of our everyday life. Think what it would be like to never smell chocolate chip cookies baking or the smell of green grass

  • The Respiratory System

    Your respiratory system is vital in keeping you alive. It is a complex system that brings needed oxygen into your body and then take unwanted carbon dioxide out of your body.

  • Senses Facts

    We rely on our five senses to exist every day: smell, taste, hearing, touch and seeing. Each one of our senses is fine-tunes with our brain

  • Skin Facts

    Our skin is considered to be the largest ‘organ’ of the body. An ‘organ’ is a group of tissues that work in conjunction to perform a specific function that is required by the body.

  • Teeth Facts

    Our teeth are incredibly important in the way we eat and digest our food. Teeth are small, hard, bony calcified formations that are set into our jaws and are used for chewing and biting.

  • Tongue Facts

    Our tongues have multiple uses for us. We need our tongue to form words and talk while at the same time it is used as part of our ability to taste things.