Learning is great fun and boy have we some awesome facts to share with you in the section. There is a lot of information here so take your time and find something of interest and I guarantee you'll learn some fantastic facts about the world around us.

We have searched for stuff that we know kids would really care about. Then we took some time to research and decided what to work on and fit the coolest facts in this section. The human body section has great facts about the brain.

Explore the planets and see how long a day is on mars. Learn about the amazing weather from thunder storms to clouds. All-in-all this is an awesome section that you'll enjoy.

  • Human Body Facts

    In this section we talk about things like the brain. There are billions of cells in the brain that send and receive information throughout the body.

  • Planet Facts

    The daytime temperature on Mercury can reach up to 400⁰C. The atmosphere of Venus is made up mostly of carbon dioxide.

  • Weather Facts

    Did you know, Tornadoes form when the cold air and warm air from a thunderstorm mixes together and get caught in the storm’s winds when they are changing direction.

  • Facts about Europe

    Did you know Austria has produced 20 Nobel Prize laureates including a number of specialties: physiology/medicine, chemistry, physics, and economics.

  • Fire Facts

    You have probably seen fire at one time or another. It could have been a small one like on the end of a candle or a big bonfire at a campground.

  • Health Facts

    You may have already experienced the effects of an illness; it's not fun. You may have felt tired, achy and lazy. But did you know, if you don't eat the proper foods each day

  • Sound Facts

    Listen...what do you hear? Chances are you will hear the sound of something. It could be the hum of an appliance, people speaking or even a clock ticking.

  • Water Facts

    We already know water is essential to all living things. In fact, it's so important that our Earth is covered in 70 percent of this liquid.

  • Transport Facts

    Did you know, In 1485, a famous painter (Leonardo Da Vinci) drew pictures of flying machines. Did you know bicycles have been around for about 200 years?

  • Metal Facts

    Did you know that about 60 percent of copper is used for manufacturing electrical wire and cable.

  • Wonders of the World

    Check out some of the wonders of the ancient world, modern world and natural world.

  • Facts about Seas

    Welcome to our section on facts about different sea's and bays

  • Countries of the World

    Lean all about the countries of the world we have some wonderful information in this section about the many different countries of the world.