Welcome to our European facts section we really hope you are finding the website helpful for your research. As my family and I live in Europe it’s been fun putting this section together, I’ve been to many of the countries but I must admit I didn’t know all the facts that you’ll find here. So hope you enjoy this section and as always have fun learning.

Did you know Austria has produced 20 Nobel Prize laureates including a number of specialties: physiology/medicine, chemistry, physics, and economics. Many of the people of Denmark ride bicycles as their main method of transportation. There have been thirteen people from Hungary or who were Hungarian-born that have received the Nobel Prize.

  • Albania Facts

    The official name of this country is ‘The Republic of Albania’. It is one of the Balkan nations with mountainous terrain in Southeastern Europe.

  • Andorra Facts

    The very small country of Andorra is located between Spain and France and is listed as the sixth smallest country in all of Europe.

  • Armenia Facts

    Armenia is a landlocked country, which means it is surrounded by other countries and land and doesn’t have access to any sea or ocean.

  • Austria Facts

    The official name of Austria is the Republic of Austria. Since German is the main language, the name is derived from the German word ‘Osterreich’ which translates to ‘eastern empire’ or ‘eastern kingdom’.

  • Belarus Facts

    Belarus and the Baltic states relate to a number of countries that were under the rule of the USSR until 1991.

  • Belgium Facts

    Belgium is a Western European country that has experienced many occupations and battles over the centuries.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    In the Southeastern European mountainous areas, the Bosnia and Herzegovina country has a deep history of being conquered and overcome by other countries and cultures.

  • British Isles Facts

    The reason that they call it ‘The British Isles’ is because it is actually made up of two different nations: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (also known as the UK) and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Croatia Facts

    In southeast Europe, Croatia starts at the Daube fertile plains and extends to the Adriatic Sea’s mountainous coast to create this crescent shaped country.

  • Czech Republic Facts

    The Czech Republic of today has a long history of being under power from one group or another. They have fought against Nazi Germany and were eventually taken over by the communist Soviet Union.

  • Denmark Facts

    Denmark is a northern European country that is located on the border of Germany to the south. It is a small country consisting of a Jutland Peninsula and over four hundred islands that exist in the North Sea.

  • Scandinavia Facts

    Scandinavia is a collection of four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark that are positioned at the very top of the Northern area of Europe.

  • Finland Facts

    Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe that borders Russia. Finland, like many of the countries in the far north experience extremely cold winters as part of the Arctic Circle.

  • France Facts

    France is the largest country within Western Europe and is the leading country within the EU (European Union) for food exports.

  • Georgia Facts

    While Georgia is considered to be physically and geographically located in Asia, it has long been a territory that has been fought over by Persia, Turkey and Russia.

  • Germany Facts

    Germany has had a very difficult history and has grown out of the disasters to become one of the strongest industrial and economic powers in Europe.

  • Hungary Facts

    Hungary is located in Central Europe and is a landlocked country (no access to seas or oceans). It is bordered by seven other European countries.

  • Ireland Facts

    The Republic of Ireland is an island in Europe and has a variety of landscapes including interior lowlands of agriculture and coastal mountains.

  • Italy Facts

    Italy is known as the Italian Republic and is the furthest most tip in southern Europe. Known for its ‘boot shape’, it is bordered by Switzerland, France, Slovenia and Austria.

  • Low Countries Facts

    Low Countries are an area of Northwestern Europe that include a number of countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Luxembourg Facts

    The small country of Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Europe. This means that they do not have any access to seas or oceans.

  • Macedonia Facts

    The country name ‘Macedonia’ is the oldest surviving name of any of the countries within the European continent.

  • Malta Facts

    The island of Malta has been a prize location for many cultures as it is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which was the main cross-roads for warring countries.

  • Moldova Facts

    Moldova is a landlocked country that has been tossed around for ownership throughout the ages. Once part of Romania and then the Ukraine, it has no access to oceans or seas.

  • Monaco Facts

    Monaco has been a luxury resort since the middle of the 19th century. A small, mostly rocky strip along the Mediterranean coast of France, it plays host to millions of people per year.

  • Montenegro Facts

    Montenegro is a landlocked country in Europe without any access to oceans or seas. It is bordered by the countries of Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Netherlands Facts

    The Netherlands is located in Western Europe and faces the North Sea. It is bordered by the countries of Germany and Belgium.

  • Norway Facts

    The Kingdom of Norway is in northern Europe and includes a few of the Arctic islands. Norway is considered to be the home of the Vikings and they are a sea-faring culture.

  • Poland Facts

    Poland has the unique distinction of being the largest country within central Europe. Most of the countryside is low-lying but the country does boast a number of woodlands and lakes.

  • Portugal Facts

    Portugal is in southwestern Europe on the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the country that is most westerly in all of the European mainland.

  • Russian Federation Facts

    Russia is the largest country in what is considered to be the Euro-Asiatic area. It has had a long history of dominance, taking over other countries as a monarchy as well as under communist rule.

  • Serbia Facts

    Serbia is located in southwestern Europe and is bordered by the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.

  • Slovakia Facts

    Slovakia is in central Europe, landlocked and bordered by the countries of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and the Ukraine.

  • Slovenia Facts

    Slovenia is in central Europe and is an Alpine-mountain state. Once part of Yugoslavia, it was one of the most prosperous and successful areas of the former republic due to their high standard of living.

  • Spain Facts

    Spain’s territory covers a vast area of southwestern Europe’s Iberian Peninsula and includes the Canary Islands in the Atlantic and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

  • Sweden Facts

    Sweden has maintained an attitude of neutrality throughout the years and this has kept them out of the involvement of war for almost two centuries.

  • Switzerland Facts

    Switzerland has had a history of stability as well as neutrality, which has allowed it to be one of the nations that has maintained a high standard of living and excellence in income for the people.

  • Ukraine Facts

    The Ukraine has a wealth of natural minerals as well as rich areas for farmland. Throughout its history it has been the center for battles by many cultures to take over the area.

  • United Kingdom Facts

    The United Kingdom is considered part of Europe, although it is separated from the European continent by both the English Channel and the North Sea.

  • Vatican City Facts

    Vatican City is the center for the Roman Catholic religion and the home of the Pope. It is also called the Holy City, as the Pope minsters to over one billion Roman Catholics.