Animal Facts for Kids

Welcome to the section on our website about animals. We have selected many different animals for you to read about and learn crazy and wonderful facts that you may not have come across before.

Did you know that Alligators were hunted to near extinction? Eagles are a bird that is represented around the world as a symbol of power, grace and even freedom. Giraffes are fast runners and can reach speeds of 56 km (35 mph) per hour. These are just some of the amazing facts you'll discover when reading. Don’t forget to check out the worksheets that have questions about many of the animals covered in this section. We hope you have fun learning.

  • Alligator Facts

    Alligators are a species of reptile are while they resemble crocodiles, they are very different animals. Alligators have a snout that is black in color, rounded and wide and even with its mouth closed you can still see its upper teeth.

  • Bald Eagle Facts

    The bald eagle is found in North America and lives in areas in Canada, the United States (including Alaska) and Mexico.

  • Bat Facts

    Bats are a part of the natural balance of nature and they are needed to keep everything in order. There are all types of bats all around the world and each type has developed depending upon their location.

  • Bird Facts

    Birds are all around us and, as part of nature bring all of their colors and sounds to us each day. There are many different types of birds, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Butterfly Facts

    Butterflies play an important role in pollinating the plants, flowers and vegetables that we need on the earth. There are so many types of butterflies and many have unique ways of surviving.

  • Cat Facts

    Cats remain as one of the most popular pets around the world. Cats held a high status as far back as Egyptian times and were often mummified and buried in the same honor as humans.

  • Cheetah Facts

    Cheetahs are a member of the big cat family and can survive in a variety of areas from grasslands to deserts and scrublands. The largest population of cheetahs today are in the Southwestern African country of Namibia.

  • Cow Facts

    Cows are one of the most popular domesticated animals in many countries around the world. They bring a number of benefits to those that have them

  • Crocodile Facts

    Crocodiles are a reptile that are found in many areas around the world. They, like the alligator, are believed to be decedents of the dinosaurs.

  • Deer Facts

    Deer are some of the most beautiful creatures. They have been hunted by man and used as food as well as clothing and the antlers were sometimes used as weapons or tools.

  • Dog Facts

    It is believed that the ancient ancestor of the dog was the wolf and that they began to bond with humans as a way to get food. The wolf offered a level of protection from other predators and in return had the chance to eat the food scraps.

  • Dolphin Facts

    Dolphins are mammals and are incredibly intelligent. There has been a strange bond between humans and dolphins that stretches back for thousands of years.

  • Eagle Facts

    Eagles are a bird that is represented around the world as a symbol of power, grace and even freedom.

  • Elephant Facts

    Elephants are the largest land mammal on earth and are known for their stocky build, long trunks, wide legs and floppy ears.

  • Fish Facts

    We are surrounded by so many types of fish in both salt and fresh water. They have developed into a variety that we use as a food source and for their beauty in our aquariums.

  • Frog Facts

    Frogs are fascinating creatures. As humans we are interested in them to follow all of their ways of development and even use them in scientific research.

  • Panda Facts

    There is no doubt that we find the giant panda incredibly endearing. Looking like a big teddy bear, their actions are cute and almost everyone around the world has fallen in love with them.

  • Giraffe Facts

    The giraffe is one of the most unique animals on the planet. It is the tallest mammal and even a newborn giraffe is taller than the average human being.

  • Gorilla Facts

    Gorillas display behavior that is very close to humans. Each gorilla has their own personalities, just like people.

  • Hare Facts

    Many people think that hares are rabbits, but they are not. Hares are a relative of the rabbit and while they share many traits, they also have many differences.

  • Hippopotamus Facts

    The Greeks named the hippopotamus and the name translates to ‘river horse’. While they may look slow and cumbersome, the hippopotamus is actually one of the most aggressive animals in the world.

  • Horse Facts

    Horses were domesticated by human beings centuries ago. They have been a leading reason for the success of mankind for survival, transportation and as a method of war.

  • Insect Facts

    Insects have existed on our planet for millions of years and are considered to be one of the highest populations of creatures on earth.

  • Jellyfish Facts

    Jellyfish have been on the earth for millions of years, far longer than even the dinosaurs. There are many different types of jellyfish in all of the oceans; some are harmless and some are very dangerous.

  • Kangaroo Facts

    Kangaroos are found in Australia and have become one of the most loved animals around the world. They have been depicted in cartoons as well as television and movies and are a favorite animal of children.

  • Koala Facts

    Koalas are one of the most loved little animals around the earth. Resembling a teddy bear, their gentle quiet behavior has made them a favorite of children and adults.

  • Leopard Facts

    Leopards are part of the big cat family and can be found throughout most of Asia and Africa from the Soviet Union to the Middle East, India, China and Malaysia.

  • Lion Facts

    Lions have been a symbol of strength and stability in many cultures around the world. They are social creatures that live in family groups where they hunt together.

  • Lizard Facts

    There are many different species of lizards around the world. Some are friendly, while others are dangerous to people and other animals.

  • Manatee Facts

    Manatees are gentle, slow moving mammals that are beloved by all that see them. Known as the ‘sea cow’ they are often grazing in and around the warmer waters, eating tasty vegetables and plants.

  • Monkey Facts

    Monkeys are a favorite animal for many as they are very expressive and often act just like people. There are over 264 species of monkeys around the world and each one has their own unique features and abilities.

  • Owl Facts

    Owls live on every continent, except Antarctica and they have developed unique talents, depending upon the area that they live in.

  • Parrot Facts

    With over 350 species of parrots, they come in many shapes and sizes, but most of us are quite taken with their beautiful colored feathers and the fact that some of them have the ability to ‘talk’.

  • Penguin Facts

    The penguin has been a symbol of the one flightless bird everyone loves. A favorite in movies and cartoons, their funny way of walking has caused them to be endeared by people everywhere.

  • Pig Facts

    Pigs are incredibly intelligent. Some have indicated that they are as smart as dogs. Due to that fact, many people have chosen to go beyond the concept of looking at pigs as a food source.

  • Polar Bear Facts

    The polar bear has lived in the cold regions of the earth for thousands of years. More recently, as the polar caps melt and they are losing their habitat, they have become the symbol for global warming.

  • Pony Facts

    People adore anything that think is a smaller or miniaturized version of animals. Since we love horses, it became a natural response to feel a close bond and attraction to ponies.

  • Rabbit Facts

    Rabbits have been a symbol of many cultures representing nature, fertility and happiness. Their mostly small size and gentle nature has made them wonderful pets

  • Raccoon Facts

    Raccoons are very smart and their antics are known around the world as they will do just about anything to get to food.

  • Reptile Facts

    Reptiles exist on every continent, except Antarctica and are the animal kingdom’s most diverse species. With over 8,000 species, they are one of the most fascinating of all creature groups.

  • Rhinoceros Facts

    The rhinoceros has been on the earth for over fifty million years, and there has been very little that has changed in size and structure.

  • Shark Facts

    Sharks have existed in the oceans for two hundred million years before the existence of the dinosaurs. When compared to fossil remains, they have changed very little over time.

  • Sheep Facts

    Sheep have been one of the highly prized domesticated animals in many cultures around the world. They bring many uses to humans including the use of their coats, milk and as a food source.

  • Snake Facts

    Snakes are reptiles that exist on every continent of the world, except Antarctica. Humans have a kind of love-hate relationship with snakes, and can be incredibly afraid of them or even have some as pets.

  • Spider Facts

    Spiders are a type of insect that is classified as ‘Arachnida’. They are different from other types of insects because they have only two main body parts as opposed to three in other insects.

  • Squirrel Facts

    With over 200 species of squirrels around the world, they share the common traits of being nimble, inquisitive, and smart enough to figure out a lot of ways to get their food.

  • Tiger Facts

    Tigers are the biggest of the cat family and have been revered for their majestic beauty for thousands of years. As mankind has encroached on their habitat and killed them for their fur

  • Turtle Facts

    Turtles come in all shapes and sizes and exist on land and in the sea. Turtles have been around for millions of years and some turtles live longer than people.

  • Venomous Snakes

    The mere thought of a venomous snake sends shivers up most people’s spines. We have seen them in movies, have been warned about them when we go camping and simply want to stay as far away.

  • Whale Facts

    Whales are the gentle giants of the sea. In the past, mankind hunted many species of whales so that they could use their oil and blubber for heating. They killed so many whales that some species were nearly extinct.

  • Wolf Facts

    Throughout history, stories and tales have depicted wolves as being bad or evil. In reality, they are a necessary creature to keep the balance of nature and they are the ancestors of our domesticated dogs.

  • Zebra Facts

    The zebra is in the same Equus family member as the horse and donkey and they are most notable for their brilliant white and black (or brown) patterned coats.